When the road is your office, your laptop has to be as agile and productive as you are. The lightweight ThinkPad A275 weighs less than three pounds, yet it provides reliable technology that delivers the powerful performance needed to keep you ahead. With advanced hardware-level security and fingerprint reader, potential hackers are kept at bay. Rich graphics add the capacity for professional-level creativity, so you can generate "wow" with words and images.
  • Powerful performance
  • Built for business - great for your lifestyle
  • Working wherever just got easier
  • Saves on both management costs and time spent on desk-side visits
Laugh at would-be hackers ThinkPad A275 offers processor-level security features to keep your data safe. Windows Hello uses biometrics sensors to recognize you apart from all others, so when you unlock your device with your face or your fingerprint, you get a superior level of protection. Additionally, this laptop also includes Discrete Trusted Platform Module (dTPM), which encrypts all of your data including passwords. Built for business - great for your lifestyle From enduring arctic temperatures, to dust storm cycles, to mechanical shocks this device can more than handle the drops and knocks of everyday life. So stow it in your bag and go. Working wherever just got easier The ThinkPad A275 delivers that same legendary interaction that IT administrators and end-users alike have come to love and expect from ThinkPad - all day, every day. And with many hours of battery life, that's a lot of uninterrupted time without worrying about electrical outlets. Constraints are only in your mind The ThinkPad A275 laptop is powered by advanced processing that's designed for superior business-ready computing. With its breakthrough accelerated processing unit (APU) architecture, it delivers power and efficiency optimized for real-world computing and collaboration. What's more, with the integrated graphics, you'll enjoy vivid visuals and dazzling displays - your imagination is the limit. Saves on both management costs and time spent on desk-side visits Along with powerful processing, the ThinkPad A275 laptop uses desktop and mobile architecture for system hardware - or DASH - manageability. These web-based, easy-to-use, open-source management tools and features enable remote management of systems. Your IT administrators can easily access laptops, whether they are powered on with a responsive operating system, are powered off, or have a non-responsive / out-of-service OS. With DASH, IT can easily perform remote diagnostics and troubleshooting, asset management, and automated system startup and shut down. DASH makes managing networks much more convenient.