Designed for small-to-medium sized workspaces, the ThinkSmart One is unlike any other videoconferencing bar. No need for an external computing device. Cloud-based technology, along with hardware-enhanced security and manageability, ensures your IT teams can easily oversee everything, while minimising any disruption and reducing support costs. ThinkSmart One delivers seamless meeting experiences and a higher return on your investment.
  • Significantly smarter than your average bar
  • Enjoy smarter meetings
  • Adjusts to any room
Significantly smarter than your average bar The ThinkSmart One collaboration bar is self-contained. It includes a high-res camera with an extra-wide field of view and smart features like auto-zoom, auto-frame, people counting, speaker tracking, and whiteboard awareness. Expect sharp contrast, vivid colours, and brighter images even in low-light environments. As for sound, stereo speakers deliver crisp clarity with high-volume capacity and range, while 8 mics with both echo and noise cancellation and 180-degree coverage ensure everyone is heard loud and clear. Enjoy smarter meetings The ThinkSmart Controller is a stunning HD display with 10-point multitouch. It includes the familiar Microsoft Zoom interface, with its easy-to-use navigation for initiating and controlling meetings, and sharing content. One-touch join function gets your meetings up and running instantly, and thanks to the antiglare and anti-fingerprint finish, the display is sure to remain smudge-free and looking good. Adjusts to any room The ThinkSmart One integrated bar includes a wall-mount bracket that enables you to tilt the bar up or down by 10 degrees or leave it level. Simply adjust it to best suit your needs. What's more, the bracket remains hidden when mounted, providing a clean aesthetic in any meeting room.