Compact, efficient Tiny with all the power of a regular workstation¦96% smaller than a traditional desktop, can go where other PCs can't¦Intel vPro with 13 th Gen Intel Core processors, optional discrete graphics¦Reliable, easy-to-deploy,& versatile, ISV-certified, supports up to 6 displays¦Ideal for architecture, engineering, finance, healthcare,& STEM education.
  • Compact, efficient ultra-small desktop workstation with all the power of a tower workstation
  • 96% smaller than a traditional desktop, can go where other PCs can't
  • Intel vPro with 13th Gen Intel Core processors
  • Reliable, easy-to-deploy and versatile, ISV-certified, supports 6 displays
  • Ideal for architecture, engineering, finance, healthcare and STEM education
Tiny yet powerful Engineered to go where other PCs can't, the Lenovo ThinkStation P3 Tiny combines simple and efficient design with professional-level power. With a total volume of just 1 L, it's the small workstation and some 96% smaller than a traditional desktop. What it lacks in size, however, it more than makes up in uncompromising performance, powered by Intel vPro with 13 Gen Intel Core processors and NVIDIA discrete graphics. It can also support up to six independent displays. Built for the modern world Incredibly reliable and easy to deploy, the ThinkStation P3 Tiny offers great versatility. As well as an array of mounting options, you can put it on a bookshelf or desk, tuck it away behind a monitor, or use it as a powerful on-the-go desktop between work and home. A proven industry workhorse in a conveniently pint-sized package, it's ideal for professionals working across architecture, engineering, finance, healthcare, and STEM education. Configure it your way As well as NVIDIA discrete graphics, it can host a vast amount of speedy DDR5 memory and SSD storage, and the option of a dust filter to help extend the life of your ThinkStation. Proven to handle anything One of the cornerstones of the ThinkStation P3 Tiny workstation is reliability. MIL-SPEC-certified, it's been proven to meet military-grade standards and quality checks to ensure it will run in extreme conditions, from the Arctic wilderness to desert dust storms. It also comes with an array of independent software vendor (ISV) certifications, so you can power through heavy workloads in applications like AutoCAD, Revit, and SOLIDWORKS without missing a beat.