Lindy's Active DisplayPort to HDMI cable range combine superior performance with stylish design to provide a high quality conversion of DisplayPort 4K@60 Hz signals to output to a HDMI display or projector. This range of active cables come with an in-built chipset to not only provide a reliable connection, but also enhance compatibility with both dual mode and non-dual mode graphic cards and source devices, perfect for use with DP graphics cards, laptops and PC's, while avoiding the need for additional adapters.¦These cables are great for creating eye-catching retail displays, innovative working environments or immersive video playback in sports bars and home cinema installations, while support for uncompressed multi-channel audio allows for an impressive three-dimensional surround sound performance to compliment detailed, clear video.¦Support for AMD Eyefinity technology also brings the user a cost effective way of creating a non-standard aspect ratio or ultra-high resolution display made up from up to 3 or more monitors. This feature also allows the user to run multiple applications simultaneously on separate screens, improving productivity in the workplace or creating a widescreen gaming experience.
  • Connect a DisplayPort equipped device to a 8K HDMI display or projector
  • Supports high quality resolutions up to 8K@60 Hz or 4K@120 Hz
  • High Dynamic Range support provides deeper blacks, brighter whites and a wider color gamut
  • Active chipset for enhanced compatibility with various graphic cards