Mounts a single 17-28" monitor on an office cubicle partition¦Adjustable height settings to achieve the optimal viewing angle¦360° rotation of the display for both portrait and landscape working¦Simple and efficient installation¦2 year warranty¦The Lindy Single Monitor Cubicle Mount is a simple and sturdy solution for creating additional space in an office workstation, by mounting a single display over a standard cubicle partition. This mount is ideal for displays between 17 and 28" that weigh no more than 8kg, great for both small and large office monitors.¦The adjustable height fixing allows for the precise positioning of the users display, while also ensuring an optimum viewing angle from wherever the user is sat or stood, great for a customizable and comfortable employee working experience. 360° rotation allows for both portrait and landscape orientation of the monitor for flexible working, ideal in design, coding and photo editing.¦The integrated cable management trunking also provides an additional solution to creating a tidy, more ergonomic workspace with more room for additional hardware or space to create and work more comfortably, perfect for use in cramped office environments such as call centres and live chat help desks.