For use with the LINDY Black Modular Desktop Mounting System range (sold separately). Create a customized installation. Sturdy, adjustable clamp for mounting the pole to a desk (0.7cm - 7.5cm). Robust, lightweight metal and aluminum construction with a durable, powder coated finish. This 700mm pole fits securely to the side of a desk or table and is part of a unique Black Modular Desktop Mounting System. With this system you can easily create customized solutions for mounting your laptops and displays in a variety of different configurations. The LINDY Black Modular Desktop Mounting System provides a really versatile method for creating your own custom installations. With these products you can raise your notebooks or monitors to create desk space or provide a more comfortable viewing position. Or, by using several arms, you can mount multiple displays on a single larger pole. To display a LCD screen use this pole in conjunction with an Adjustable LCD Arm. You can display multiple LCDs by using this pole in conjunction with Dual Adjustable LCD Arms.