MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) technology allows mobile devices with the appropriate interface to display content on High Definition TVs and displays.¦The LINDY MHL to HDMI Active Adapter allows you to show audio & video up to 1080p recorded or stored on a mobile device such as a smartphone or digital camera on a HDTV.¦The additional USB Micro B port also allows you to charge & power your device while viewing your content, playing games, streaming video or surfing the internet.¦Show content stored on your smartphone or tablet on an HDTV¦For all HDMI devices without integrated MHL function¦MHL 1.0 compliant¦MHL USB Micro-B connector (Type USB 2.0 Micro-B)¦19-pin HDMI Type A coupling (incl. chipset)¦Additional USB 2.0 Micro-B coupling (for charging the mobile device at the same time)¦Plug-and-Play¦Fully-shielded cable¦Transmission of digital audio-/video signals¦Supports resolutions up to Full-HD 1080i¦Chipset: Silicon Image¦Cable length: approx. 0.15m¦Color: Black¦2 years warranty¦Instructions:¦This technology is only supported by a limited number of mobile devices at present.¦Make sure your device has an MHL output.¦A basic passive adapter cable MHL USB Micro-B to HDMI can be used on HDMI devices which can already provide MHL function in one of its HDMI input sockets.¦Please note:¦To use this adapter with Samsung Galaxy phones, such as the S3, S4, Note 2 and Note 3 with the 11pin Micro-B connector please use this 5 to 11pin adapter¦This adapter is not compatible with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad etc.).