Simultaneous charging of up to 10 tablets, mobile phones and other USB devices¦Max. 2.4A charging per port, simultaneous use of all 10 ports allows max. 1.8A charging per port¦Smart charging function adjusts the current for optimum, safe charging¦Battery Charging Standard 1.2 supports fast charging & Apple Charging Protocol¦2 year warranty¦The Lindy 10 Port USB Charging Station allows charging up to 10 USB devices like tablets or smartphones. Each port can provide up to 5V 2.4A to satisfy the most power hungry devices. If all 10 ports are occupied, the maximum current is 1.8A per port. With its smart charging function, this USB Charging Station can recognise the connected device to automatically adjust the charging current for a fast and safe charge while also providing overcurrent protection to avoid excessive current damaging the device.¦Plastic dividers can be assembled and stood on the top of the unit, which allows different widths for different tablets or mobile phone sizes. This product is perfect for use in schools, libraries, hotels, restaurants or any location that uses multiple devices. Country specfic power cables are provided for seamless use of the charging station, ideal for global events or integration into installations abroad.