Securely connects a motherboard to an HDD, SSD or optical drive¦Latching connectors ensure a reliable and secure connection to devices¦Supports both latching and standard motherboards and devices¦Compatible with SATA III and backwards compatible with SATA II and I¦10 year warranty¦The Lindy Latching SATA Cable is a high-performance, reliable cable equipped with two locking 7 pin SATA connectors, allowing users to connect motherboards with SATA peripherals such as HDDs, SSDs and optical drives.¦Robust latching mechanisms allow this cable to securely connect to motherboards and peripherals which have the compatible latching mechanisms, providing a reliable internal connection. This cable can also be connected to standard motherboards or devices that don't have a latching mechanism.¦With full support for SATA III and backwards compatibility with SATA II and I this cable is designed to work alongside the most modern motherboards and storage devices as well as older peripherals.