High performance, active cable that provides an extended 30m connection between a computer and USB 2.0 device¦Can be used standalone or as part of the Lindy Active Extension System Pro to create bespoke extension systems of up to 60m¦Supports USB 2.0 High Speed bandwidth for speeds of 480Mbps¦Easy to use – connects to the device's existing USB cable (2m maximum)¦2 year warranty¦The Lindy USB Active Extension Cable Pro is a high performance active cable that allows access to USB 2.0 peripherals over long distances. With support for data transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps this extension cable is perfect for transferring data volumes quickly and reliably.¦This 30m extension cable can be used standalone or as part of the Lindy USB 2.0 Active Extension System Pro. This system is a modular solution that can combine multiple USB Active Extension Pro cables and a USB 2.0 Active Extension Pro hub to distribute USB signals to up to 4 devices at up to 60m.¦The 8m and 12m cable, and the 8m and 12m hub, feature a single active repeater module to boost the USB signal. The 30m cable uses two repeaters. A fully deployed extension system is limited to a maximum of 60m and 4 repeater modules. Any combination of cables and a single hub can be connected providing the 60m / 4 repeater limit is not exceeded. The extension hub must always be the last segment of the extension system.¦This cable features industry-proven active technology and locking connectors to ensure full signal integrity in the most demanding environments.
  • USB 2.0 High Speed, backwards compatible with USB 1.1 Full Speed and USB 1.0 Low Speed
  • Locking connector feature
  • USB bus powered and Plug-and-Play - no additional drivers required