Universal, secure countertop tablet holder for retail and business environments¦This universal countertop tablet mount from Manhattan is designed for easy interaction in public areas. Stand it on a table with the additional option of bolting it there for tamper-proof support. As a retail-inspired, anti-theft tablet holder, you can use it as a point-of-sale terminal, for guest registration on a counter, to show digital signage, at trade show booths and all high-traffic areas. Or you can also use it simply as a second display on your desk. It is compatible with iPad , Samsung and Microsoft tablets plus many more.¦Fully adjustable¦Full 360° rotation lets you position your tablet in landscape or portrait orientation and everything in between. Optimize your view and reduce glare with +20° to -110° tilt.¦Universally compatible¦The adjustable holder clamps accommodate 7.9" to 11" tablets of every brand while leaving ports, buttons and front/rear cameras fully accessible. Its soft back and included foam pads prevent scratches to your device.¦Security first¦Protect your expensive tablet from theft and tampering, especially in cases where you need to leave it unattended. Bolt the stand to your desktop - the packaging includes all the fasteners you need. Also included is a wrench key that locks the clamps and protects the tablet from being stolen.¦Clean-looking, clutter-free cable management¦Cable management inside the pole keeps your cords concealed and organized to give a professional look to the installation.