Other Opportunities

Whether you are applying for Work Experience, an Apprenticeship, or any other opportunity we'll need you to complete an online application. You will be asked a range of questions so that we can find out more about you. We are interested in finding out why you are applying and how Stone is of interest to you, and equally what you feel you can bring to us if you were successful.

Work Experience

Whilst you are working towards your GCSE’s, undertaking A-Levels, or studying at college or university, we could offer a week’s work experience that will provide you with the experience of working for a forward-thinking technology business. We will try to place students in departments suiting their skills and interest so that they can gain the most out of the experience.


We have a number of apprenticeship opportunities available throughout the year. These are always advertised on our website. We also have apprenticeships available to existing employees to support their continuous development.

Learning and development

We believe that personal challenge, development, and career progression allow us to succeed and reach our full potential. To enable us to do this we provide access to learning, guidance, and assistance to help everyone feel able to increase their knowledge, skills and experience. This includes but is not limited to internal and external training programmes, mentoring and coaching, apprenticeships and support for professional development.


We also partner with Open Door a work placement programme through Staffordshire County Council and local Job Centres to provide work placement and experience opportunities. As well as opportunities to apply for any of our vacancies

Open Door Work Placement