FZ-40DPAAYZZ BaseModel, Intel_Core_i7 CPU, FHD-TS Display, 16GB RAM_1st, 512GB_OPAL Storage, Y WLAN_Bluetooth, Camera _withMic Webcam_Mic, Y Quad_Pass_through, Black Cabinet_Color, EM7690 WWAN, Backlit_UK-English Keyboard, AC-UK ACCord, MA-M12 Manual, Win11M OS, STD BIOS, No Customer.
  • Innovative modular design and user-removable expansion packs offer unparalleled customization
  • State-of-the-art design optimizes thermals for effortless performance
  • Class leading 95 dB speakers, 5 MP infrared webcam with privacy cover and tetra-array microphones
  • Fully rugged all-weather MIL-STD-810H and IP66 design built with magnesium alloy
  • Fast cellular
Class leading 8 modular areas The toughbook 40 features eight user-replaceable locations including the battery, memory, storage, keyboard and four expansion areas. The expansion area features several different types of xPAK's including a barcode reader, optical drives, authentication readers, additional I/O, batteries and storage. This unparalleled customization enables organizations to help futureproof, simplify ordering, shorten lead times and decrease downtime. 5 MP infrared webcam With the increased use of video conferencing - whether for telehealth or remote services - the toughbook 40 boasts the 5 MP webcam. It features a privacy cover for security and infrared capability to support Windows Hello facial recognition. Tetra-array microphones Featuring four microphones that offer class leading speech recognition and up to 3x the accuracy in noisy environments. Additionally, users can select the optimal AI noise cancellation that best suits their needs.