OpticBook 4800 has provided you a non-destructive book scanning solution. Special book edge design with LED light source of the solution, not only gives the perfect book scanned images, but also creates a lot of energy saving. Once digitized, the books can be unraveled into single pages or be reduced further, into snippets of a page. These snippets will be remixed into reordered books and virtual bookshelves.¦OpticBook 4800 also creates crisp sharp images of the pages, which can then be made into different formats. It has been bundled with highly effective image processing, fast and secure searchable PDF conversion.¦OpticBook 4800 not only is designed for corporations, universities, libraries, governmental agencies and schools but also an ideal product for the consumers who practice a green concept in their life, by creating a paper less work place or living environment!
  • Special book edge design for book scanning
  • 3.6 scanning speed to create work efficiency as well as image quality
  • Green design: LED light source, power saving and non-toxic material using
  • Quickly convert searchable PDF files, and easy to search from your save documents
  • Perfectly reproduce the original layout
  • Easily create PDF, HTML, Word and Excel files
  • Easy to share the scanned books in the appropriate digital format
Book edge design The book edge unique design eliminates the book spine shadow and text distortion of traditional books while copying and scanning. The intelligent design avoids the need for a large, expensive overhead scanner or complicated image-editing software. LED light source It features green design: LED light source, power saving and non-toxic material using. High-scanning speed It features high-scanning speed at 300 dpi for an A4 size color page. Function buttons One-touch buttons for performing pre-set functions and speed up the scanning time for more efficiency.