Samsung HW-C400 - sound bar - for home theatre
  • Built-in woofer - booming bass with a built-in woofer
  • One remote control - one remote for total control
  • Surround sound expansion - expands the optimal sound field to a wider listening zone
  • Bluetooth TV connection - connect your Soundbar to TV wirelessly
  • Wireless surround sound compatible - expand your surround sound, wirelessly
Designed for daily use Add a soundbar. Enjoy everything more. From concerts to cooking competitions, for binging shows and streaming music, this soundbar is loaded with clever features that you'll use every day. Built-in subwoofer Go deep and hear more with this soundbar's all-in-one, built-in subwoofer design. One remote control Keep your finger on the pulse. This do-it-all remote controls both your Samsung TV and soundbar, helping you streamline your home entertainment setup. Surround sound expansion Invite your friends. This soundbar expands the optimal listening zone emanating sound all around you. Now everyone can hear like they claimed the best spot on the sofa. Bluetooth TV connection Effortless connection. No cable necessary. Hear your TV's audio through your soundbar with Bluetooth TV Connection.1 Night mode Enjoy stellar sound even when they're sleeping. Switch on Night Mode to tamp down the volume and compress the bass. Voice enhanced Ensure voices cut through the noise. Voice Enhance optimizes the equalizer and amplifies the dialog on the screen so that voices can be heard more clearly. NFC Skip the extra steps and get right to the good stuff. Simply set your phone on the soundbar and let NFC (Near-Field Communication) pair the two automatically.