Smart. Protected. Secure. Storage optimized for video applications. SkyHawk drives leverage Seagate's extensive experience in designing drives made specifically for video applications.
  • ImagePerfect firmware is designed to ensure easy capture of video footage with 24x7 surveillance workloads
  • SkyHawk Health Management actively helps protect the video storage system with prevention, intervention and recovery options
  • RapidRebuild rebuilds volumes faster than traditional RAID rebuilds
  • Built-in rotational vibration detection sensors enable continuous performance from drives in multi-bay systems
  • ATA streaming supports continuous recording from up to 64 high-definition cameras for smooth, uninterrupted footage
  • Offers improved total cost of ownership and reduced maintenance costs
  • Low power consumption reduces heat emission, improving reliability in surveillance solutions
  • Oxidation-resistant components help protect the unit from environmental elements and improve reliability in the field