This laptop privacy screen is compatible with the 2021 and 2023 14" MacBook Pro laptops.
Prevent Visual Eavesdropping This privacy filter is a convenient and cost-effective solution to protect confidential data from unwanted viewers. The privacy shield darkens your MacBook's screen from the side while providing a clear viewing angle of 60 degrees (+/- 30 degrees from center) to the user. Reversible Filter The privacy screen protector is reversible, with a matte anti-glare side for environments prone to glare and a high-gloss side that helps retain color vibrancy. The matte side provides additional screen protection with a fingerprint and scratch resistant coating. The privacy shield has a light transmittance of 57.5% providing optimal screen brightness and enhanced levels of privacy. Hassle-free Installation The privacy filter is an exact fit design that will not interfere with top-mounted webcams, sensors, or when closing the lid. Affix the privacy screen shield using the included transparent and residue-free adhesive strips. Blue Light Reduction Reduce eye strain and improve visual comfort with this blue light reducing privacy shield. It blocks up to 51% of the blue light emitted from the display in the 380nm - 480nm wavelength range. Digital eye strain can lead to symptoms like headaches, dry eyes, and blurred vision.