The DS1823xs+ is a powerful central storage server that can easily be deployed anywhere to provide secure data storage and sharing, endpoint and server backup, VM storage, surveillance management, and other business applications. It is perfect in environments where no dedicated server rack or data center is available.¦Built-in data integrity protection, remote management options, and easy hardware expansion make the DS1823xs+ dependable, easy to maintain, and cost efficient.
  • Desktop-sized powerhouse
  • Flexible configuration
  • Versatile applications
  • Data integrity protection
  • Efficient remote management
  • Plug-and-Play expansion
  • The performance you need
  • Simply faster
  • Store, share, and protect
  • Backup repository
  • Business application platform
  • Get more with DiskStation manager
Desktop-sized powerhouse Over 3,100/2,600 MB/s seq. read/write, 1 built-in 10GbE, and up to 144 TB raw storage before expansion. Flexible configuration Add up to 10 extra drive bays, 25GbE or Fiber Channel, and SSD cache volumes when needed. Versatile applications Back up 300 endpoints, manage 75 IP cameras, 4 or safely sync and share files between devices and sites. Data integrity protection The Btrfs file system helps prevent data corruption and loss through metadata mirroring, file self-healing, and efficient point-in-time snapshots. ECC memory provides additional integrity safeguards. Efficient remote management Monitor, manage, and replace drives and storage online in Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM). Remotely reboot, reset, or view logs while the system is down thanks to out-of-band management (OOB). Plug-and-Play expansion The DS1823xs+ can be scaled to up to 18 bays by adding two DX517 expansion units without system downtime, thanks to online storage and volume expansion. The performance you need Configure the DS1823xs+ to handle any workload. Easily add 1/10/25GbE or Fibre Channel ports and designate NVMe or SATA SSD volumes as read/write cache to boost HDD performance. Simply faster Experience faster file indexing and higher sequential throughput with Synology Drive. Store, share, and protect Manage all your documents, photos, and other files, back up applications and devices, and protect your physical assets with professional video surveillance. Backup repository Back up files, folders, physical devices, VMs, and SaaS applications with free solutions, and protect your NAS with built-in technologies. Business application platform Host cost-efficient business solutions, either through containers, virtual machines, or Synology DSM's own solutions, including a powerful free backup suite, a versatile mail server, and a surveillance VMS with transparent licensing. Get more with DiskStation manager Take advantage of a host of native productivity, management, and security solutions available in the web-based Synology DSM operating system.