Designed with multi-drop impact protection, the sustainable bio-spice ingredient making this case over 60% biodegradable, embedded with smart UV-resistant agents and fully MagSafe compatible, the Evo Clear is perfect for showing off your stylish device without sacrificing on protection for your phone or the planet. Enhanced with self-healing scratch-resistant materials and the much-needed raised camera protection bevels to keep your lenses scratch- and damage-free, this is clearly the better choice for tech lovers who want their favorite device to shine for as long as they have it.
  • Impact protection
  • Waste responsible innovation
  • UV resistance
  • MagSafe-compatible
  • Enhanced camera protection
Impact protection Thanks to lab-tested materials and design innovations, protects your device drop after drop for the lifetime of your device. Waste responsible innovation With innovative bio-spice formula, over 60% of this case breaks down into the earth once you're finished with it, leaving no trace of microplastics. UV resistance Embedded with intelligent UV-resistant agents, this case protects your device from damage and discoloration, for the lifetime of your device. MagSafe-compatible Embedded with a magnetic ring, this case is compatible with all your MagSafe accessories, from battery chargers to car holders. Enhanced camera protection Designed with raised bevelling to protect your camera lenses, this subtle detail cleverly protects your devices most delicate feature from damage.