Keep your AirTags protected, wherever you’re going, with Tech21’s bundle of two clear cases. Specially designed to protect this small but important device from all kinds of scuffs and scratches, each AirTag case has raised lips on its front and rear to provide supreme levels of protection and comes with a handy carabiner. The anti-yellowing formula also keeps the case completely clear, allowing you to admire the original Apple design.
  • Protect your airtag with a two-layer TPU case
  • Carabiner for bags and luggage
  • Track your personal belongings anywhere in the world
  • Impact protection
  • Crystal clear transparency
  • Scratch-resistant
Impact protection 16 ft. impact protection, thanks to the lab-tested materials and design innovations, protects your device drop after drop for the lifetime of your device. FlexShock FlexShock material technology absorbs impact like no other. It takes the heat produced by the force from impact and reforms your case structure, drop after drop. Waste responsible innovation With the innovative bio-spice formula, over 95% of this case breaks down into the earth once you're finished with it, leaving no trace of microplastics. Two-piece case The case is made from two precisely fitted pieces that once clicked together give you a fully protected device.