Having a cable come loose accidentally can mean the loss of an audio/video signal and costly downtime. The P568-000-LOCK helps you avoid interruptions in your digital signage system by maintaining a secure link without failure. A locking HDMI connection is also invaluable when moving equipment in a rack or removing equipment from tight areas, ensuring the cable always stays connected.¦This HDMI lock works with any HDMI cable and any device with a fixing or locking screw space above or below the HDMI port. If the device has no screw in the fixing space, one is included. Just secure the included nylon cable tie to the fixing space with the screw, and insert your HDMI cable into the cable tie clamp, pushing the clamp as close to the connector as possible. Then, plug the cable into the device's HDMI port, and insert the cable tie into the clamp, removing all slack, so the HDMI plug cannot come loose. Removing the cable tie from the clamp allows you to unplug the cable.
  • HDMI port lock helps prevent an HDMI cable from coming loose from its connection
  • Universal design works with all HDMI cables
  • Locking capability avoids costly downtime due to fuzzy or lost audio/video signals
  • For use with HDTVs, Blu-ray players and other devices with fixing screw near HDMI port
  • Includes cable tie clamp, cable tie and screw for immediate installation in minutes