3-Phase Metered PDU, 23kW, 42 208-240V outlets (36 C13, 6 C19), IEC309 32A Red (3P+N+E) 360-415V Input, 0u vertical, TAA.
  • Metered 22.2kW 3 Phase 360-415V input 208-240V output PDU
  • Visual meter reports output amps per bank, total kW and input voltage
  • IEC309 32A Red (3P+N+E) 3 phase 360-415V input, 6-ft. (1.83 m) line cord
  • 42 208-240V outlets (36 C13, 6 C19) with included plug-lock cord retention sleeves
  • 0U Vertical Rackmount with Toolless button-mount installation
  • TAA Compliant
Efficient power distribution The Tripp Lite PDU 3-Phase Metered unit ensures efficient distribution of power across 42 output connectors, including 36 C13 and 6 C19 types, making it suitable for high-density rack environments. Advanced environmental adaptability Designed to operate flawlessly in a wide range of humidity (0 - 95% non-condensing) and temperature (0 °C to 50 °C), this power distribution unit maintains optimal performance in diverse operating conditions. Comprehensive compliance Meeting rigorous standards such as EN 60950-1, NOM, RoHS, and UL 60950-1, the unit is not only safe but also adheres to high-quality benchmarks and is TAA-compliant, ensuring reliability in critical setups. High-capacity power solution With a 22.1 kW power capacity and support for 3-phase input wiring, the unit is powerful, delivering stable and substantial electricity supply to support a wide array of devices. Innovative monitoring features Equipped with an LED display and a current meter, the unit allows for real-time monitoring of power consumption, enabling efficient energy use and management in demanding IT environments.