Western Digital From Solid State Drives and Hard Drives up to Enterprise Class drives, Western Digital storage solutions combine performance, reliability, and efficiency - perfect for the needs of the public and education sectors.

The Western Digital range. 

Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Solid State Drives or SSDs can read, write, and access data faster than Hard Drives (HDDs). Our next-generation SSDs meet even the most demanding performance needs and boost productivity.


Hard Drives (HDDs)

Hard Disk Drives or HDDs come in much higher capacities than Solid State Drives, making them perfect for storing large amounts of documents, files and other data. We provide a range of products that are performance-optimised - making them perfect for heavy application workloads in demanding storage environments.



Enterprise-Class Drives

Optimised to handle heavy application workloads in even the most demanding storage environments such as enterprise-class servers, storage systems and data centres, our Enterprise Class Drives are designed to deliver world-class performance, efficiency and reliability.

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