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During periods of heightened uncertainty, the challenges felt by public services are intensified, and the sector is faced with an additional set of complex limitations. Despite the unpredictable outcomes of Brexit and the potential impacts on the sector, usual operations and future planning must continue. Although decision making and project timelines may pause, citizens will still require access to local and national services, and communities will still expect support.

Furthermore, organisations will need to have several strategies in place that will help them adapt to the variety of potential outcomes of Brexit, and allow the resumption of normality after decisions have been made. Organisations must continue to deliver consistent, quality services whilst preparing for the future, even against an ambiguous backdrop.

At Stone, we are taking extra measures to ensure we are not only prepared to help our customers, whatever the outcome of Brexit may be, but to also allow us to assist and support organisations in the run up to the decision deadline at the end of October. As a trusted partner to the public sector for over 25 years, Stone has the experience and understanding that allows us to continue to provide valuable support to our customers, even in times of uncertainty.

Our dedicated staff, and UK based support desks will still be on hand to ensure your technology is working as efficiently as it should, and helping you to deliver your services. If repairs are required, our nationwide network of field engineers will continue to deliver valuable onsite assistance, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Uncertainty also shouldn’t become a barrier to future projects, and steps can be put in place to allow timelines to resume with ease once there is more clarity. We offer a range of preparative services that allow you to keep on top of your future procurement plans, so your projects are ready to deploy once limitations have been lifted. We can undertake assessments of your current infrastructure, provide no-obligation consultations to discuss your current needs and requirements, and offer demonstrations, training and support on a range of technologies, so you’re fully informed to make decisions on your future projects.

We’re also placed on a number of frameworks pivotal to the Public Sector, including the NDNA, HENNS, SSSNA, CPC, JISC, NOECPC (NHS IT Link 2), CCS, AGMA, KCS and more. Our framework awards display our dedication to the sector, and our position as an accredited, trusted IT partner to public organisations, and help you mitigate risk in the procurement process, particularly in times of political ambiguity.

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